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House of Music

CDM San Michele

Casa della Musica is a recording studio provided with high quality equipment, a place for musical research available for workshops, writing sessions, composition and production.

Designed along with the best professionals, CDM San Michele can be interpreted as a meeting and exchange point or, on the contrary, as a bubble where you can isolate and immerse yourself in nature. Destroyed by a fire in 2018, it rose from the ashes even more beautiful and efficient than before.

Giulia Pastorino interview


Francesco Salvadeo, Marcello Borsano

Production: Francesco Salvadeo

Drums: Marcello Borsano


Mattia Petrilli
Mattia PetrilliFlautista
I found in this place a very spontaneous, very profound, very simple way of thinking and living music and that's the way I like.
Michele Oliveri
Michele Oliveri
Recording here was great. Giulia is the most helpful person in the world and one could not have a better impulse to creativity than the landscape and the spaces of Casa della Musica San Michele. I hope to come back soon.
Andrea Dallavalle
Andrea DallavalleBatterista
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A wonderful place, I really enjoyed staying and recording here. Thanks Giulia for everything!


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